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Boat House

As part of the launch of the Aeroboat S6, Claydon Reeves conceived an idyllic setting and building in which to set the Aeroboat S6 for a promotional video. The result is a spacious boat house that complements the boat and the imaginary scenery around it, which is based on the Mediterranean coastline.

The thinking behind any boat house is the transition from land to the boat and how to achieve this in the most seamless way possible. With this particular concept, we wanted to create a large structure with a residential beach house feel to it. One of the key aims for the internal layout was to breakdown the barriers to the spaces and to make one large organic flowing environment whereby you could have individual spaces without using large solid walls to segregate them. Instead we opted to use glass walls to keep a visual flow and to help the natural light that penetrates the building from the ocean facing facade and through the swimming pool — a central and striking feature of the boat house — reach ever corner of the building.

The design reflects many of the themes of the boat in that it is luxurious and spacious. It is a space that you could live in on full time basis, however, we see as a base for day activities. It is a structure that would be located relatively close to the main place of living and a short drive away.

The style of the property reflects many of the design cues we like from the aviation sector such as the shutters rotating and opening, and mechanisms that open and close. There is an interesting play with light and shadows created by these moving parts that add charm and intrigue to the building.

Throughout the building there are a elements pulled together to create a light and engaging space through the inclusion of a number of open voids and grand staircases. It is a classic post-modern building with its straight edges and carries some of the motifs of the Aeroboat such as the kick down on the balcony on the top level is a direct line taken from the boat.

It is a place to enjoy the sea from, whether you are inside looking out or in the sea swimming nearby or even when you leave and return on your boat, it is a building to be used as well as enjoyed visually.

When you arrive at the boat house, you are presented with a magical watery scene and a flat landscape with a staircase that disappears down. Just beyond it is an infinity pool that immediately connects the importance of the sea to the structure in front of you and is a special place to swim while being able to see your boat, in this case the Aeroboat S6, below you.

Then there is a transition as guests make their way downstairs into the main body of the building with a large elevated day room ahead of you where people can relax and enjoy the ocean view while also being exposed to the dapple of light from the pool, with the Aeroboat below it. The result is a space that gets the sun, water, the boat and connection with the rest of the building, which is quite special.

Down another level and you reach the tender bay of the boat house with the docking space ahead of you for the boat and room either side for additional living space or these areas can be used for the storage of additional water toys.