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At 65ft, the Aeroboat S6 combines elegant outdoor living, easy access to the water’s edge, and the thrill of high-performance cruising in a yacht underpinned by exemplary design, naval architecture and engineering. With a collection of distinctive features combined with the performance and control expected of a vessel powered by Rolls-Royce, the S6 sits in a class of its own.

A profusion of carefully considered design and engineering solutions have gone into the Aeroboat S6 to produce a truly unique and captivating yacht. These key features create the ultimate user-focused experience.

Teardrop Cockpit

Viewed from above, the design of the Aeroboat S6’s superstructure is not only engaging but aerodynamic, and one of the key characteristics of the yacht. This area offers great views out to sea and is where the helm station is located. A central seating area amidships offers al fresco dining via a concealed table. This space also features hidden TV screens that are automatically stowed away when not in use.

Within the Teardrop Cockpit is a central information panel called the Header Rail Readout mounted to the upper frame of the windscreen. This display keeps guests informed of their journey without disturbing the owner or crew member at the helm revealing speed, course direction and estimated time of arrival.

The sofa style helm station seating is height adjustable, with each seat able to move independently to maximise user comfort.

Superstructure Tail

Taming the open space of the aircraft frame on the SV12 is the Superstructure Tail, which is a prominent feature of the Aeroboat S6. It is the section of the yacht that sits above the engines and has been engineered in composite to lift to reveal the engine bay below.

It also houses a generously wide passerelle and features pop-up rails either side of it to add stability when boarding or disembarking. When the passageway is not in use, the space between the two sunbeds can be in filled to create a large sun lounger.


The Aerostairs is an extendable swim platform the width of the transom that can be raised for boarding and lowered to act as a beach club ladder.

When combined with the height adjustable passerelle stowed within the Superstructure Tail (and deployed automatically), the Aerostairs Platform becomes a safe and graceful one-of-akind boarding and disembarking system.

Shoulder Blade

The Shoulder Blade is the line that connects the foredeck to the swim platform and forms the outer edge of the Wingtip Stairs before wrapping around to form the first step. This elegant and flowing line accentuates the grandeur of the steps as they narrow towards the top and meet the edge of the Teardrop Cockpit.

Wingtip Stairs

Either side of the Superstructure Tail are floating stairs inspired by the wings of a Spitfire. A prominent feature, these steps offer a regal arrival and departure when boarding close to the waterline. The staircases also provide access to the swim platform from the cockpit when the Aerostairs are deployed.

At the top of the Wingtip Stairs are pantograph doors to provide access the Teardrop Cockpit from the swim platform.

Stability & Storage

Beautifully shaped railings in the Teardrop Cockpit, the Shoulder Blade and on the foredeck can be raised or lowered for the safe movement of guests and crew when on board. Additional rails also feature on the Aerostairs when used as a water
ladder, or raised to a quayside.

Unusually for this size of yacht, the tender garage can accommodate a boat up to 3.8m, which is deployed and retrieved using an overhead crane. However, clients can opt to have a couple of Jet Skis and other water toys if preferred.

Mooring Station

All mooring and anchor equipment is stored and launched at the bow of the yacht in the Mooring Station. Two bomber style doors open to reveal the working space below with space for an additional life raft, fenders and the anchor.

Another first for this yacht is the inclusion of recessed lights in the fairleads, creating a discreet and clean finish while offering all the benefits of having lights forward of the vessel.

S6 and S6-A

A question of preference

  • The S6 has a completely open Teardrop Cockpit.
  • The S6-A encloses the helm station and dining area amidships through a fixed hardtop.
  • The S6-B features a fixed Bimini to provide shade over the main section of the cockpit.

Below Deck Interior

The Owner's Lounge is a soft and inviting space to entertain guests below deck or to relax after a day of exploration. With access to a full sized day head and shower, as well as a generous galley, this space is easily converted into a suite for a restful night's sleep.

Amidships on the port side is a single cabin with a Pullman for crew use. Alternatively this could be utilised as a guest space.

General Arrangement

LOA : 19.83m
Control systems: Rolls-Royce joystick, throttles and DP
Main engines: 2 x MTU 10V 2000 M96L
Estimated range at 40 knots: 400nm
Capacity: 12 pax
Sleeps: up to 4