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Are we right for you?

  • Award-winning design studio driven by a core team of six.
  • In excess of 50 years combined experience in the industry.
  • A client-driven design approach to create the best ocean experience.

James Claydon and Mike Reeves gained invaluable experience at renowned design studios such as Donald Starkey, Winch Design and Redman Whiteley Dixon prior to establishing Claydon Reeves in Lymington. Since the launch of the studio in 2010, the business has grown to include an office in central London — an ideal location for quick and convenient meetings with clients.

Alongside exterior and interior design, the studio offers furniture, residential and automotive design services. It works closely with clients and their advisers to achieve a product the client will be proud to own and sail. The team’s goal is to create a superyacht that delivers a rich experience through carefully considered and executed design.

What can we provide?

  • Straightforward approach, clear objectives and fast delivery.
  • Original design thinking conveyed in fresh new ways.
  • Cost effective design solutions to complex and time-consuming problems.

One of the weakest links in the production of any project is poor communication. We take pride in using multiple mediums such as sketches, renders — and in the case of superyachts and tenders hydroform models — to quickly and efficiently communicate ideas between the client, shipyard and project management teams. This effective communication combined with a fresh and focused work ethic played a significant part in Mulder Shipyard’s ability to deliver its 34m M/Y Solis, in just 22 months.

We ensure client’s needs are met and expectations are managed to ensure each moment of the project is enjoyed and any issues are made transparent and addressed.

Our aim is to produce designs that not only identify with client’s needs but enhance the precious moments spent in their environment whether that be on land or sea.

How can we help you?

  • A full design service that can be delivered quickly.
  • Initial ideas to engage and capture clients’ attention.
  • Detailed design explanations to clearly communicate ideas.

We understand that there might be design studios that you are familiar with and some that you might have used in the past. So why would you consider us? Simply put, Claydon Reeves strives for excellence while remaining competitive on cost. We are an experienced team ready to help you to achieve something special and in a timely fashion. Our most recent projects reflect the team’s dedication to exceed client expectations without charging a fee that might challenge your decision to go ahead with a project.


Exterior Design

  • Design conceptualisation from the initial client-driven idea through to a detailed sketch drawing.
  • General arrangement creation, consultation and problem resolution, with a view to developing the optimum crew and guest flow while considering space separation.
  • Sundeck layout optimisation and design feature refinement.
  • Helicopter evaluations including space requirements and hangar integration.
  • CAD (Computer Aided Design) support.
  • Speculative consultation in areas such as dome-less yacht design.

Interior Design

  • Design conceptualisation from the initial client-driven idea through to a detailed sketch drawing.
  • Space optimisation.
  • Loose and fitted furniture design.
  • Fabric and hardware selection and solutions for furniture and interior outfitting.
  • Construction and review of creative features and layout of existing and speculative ideas such as crew areas on yachts or support staff in a residential setting.
  • CAD (Computer Aided Design) support.


  • 2D and 3D digital modelling.
  • Sketch line presentation.
  • Digital painting for lifestyle scenes.
  • Photo realistic render generation.
  • Computer aided animations with digital overlay on real time footage, ideal for shipyard sales and marketing, brokerage sales and charter.
  • Hydroform and scale model management and production.

Tender Design

  • Exterior and interior design generation.
  • Custom and series production conceptualisation.
  • Traditional and drive-in tender garage design and problem resolution.


  • All interior design services as listed above.
  • All visualisation services as listed above.
  • Series production tender design.
  • General arrangement or floor plan creation, consultation and problem resolution.