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The 55ft SV12 took the market by storm when it was launched at Berkeley Square Rolls-Royce showroom in Mayfair in 2013. A significant departure from the norm, the SV12 rapidly gained attention and interest from the market.

Powered by a reconditioned and fuel-injected Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 engine from a World War II Spitfire, the SV12 benefits from a clean and uncluttered foredeck that rises gently into the Teardrop Cockpit coaming. Concave curves here provide deep highlights and suggest strength and solidity.

With its luxuriously appointed trimmings, custom dials and landing-gear-inspired shock absorbing seats, the Teardrop Cockpit is fully customisable and can be finished in a variety of materials, woods and colours. While the owner enjoys time at the controls, guests are kept informed about the performance of the SV12 via an analogue-style display located in the middle of the cockpit’s exquisite seating area.

Moving aft, the real influence of the Spitfire becomes apparent. Behind a purposeful and functional air scoop, an unconventional tail bisects the bathing platform. Supported by twin booms and harking back to the original aircraft’s tail structure — deconstructed and exposed to the world — this appendage has a practical purpose in providing support for the boat’s rudder while also providing a dramatic styling feature.

Moving forward the booms integrate cleanly into the engine coaming and cockpit, creating soft concave surfaces reminiscent of the Spitfire’s wing roots as they join the main fuselage. The coaming either side of the engine drops gently towards the water, meeting the bathing platform and providing access to swim or dock.

Beneath the SV12’s boldly curvaceous surface is a well-developed hull and power-train providing rapid, yet safe performance. Forward and below deck from the cockpit is a bathroom and day berth, which provide amenities when away from home. This area also includes a fridge and wine cooler.

General Arrangement

LOA: 16.77m
Beam: 3.3m
Draft: 1.2m
Engine: V12 Merlin engine or MTU equivalent
Engine Output: 1,193kW - 1,565kW
Maximum Speed: 50 knots-plus
Capacity: 7 pax